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Jenkins, Dowsett, & Burton
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 2018

You'll never forget a face... as long as you don't see more than 5,000 in your lifetime, study from University of York finds. The Telegraph

Never forget a face? The average person can recall 5,000 faces in their lifetime with high performers able to remember as many as 10,000. Daily Mail

People know 5,000 faces on average, study says. Sci News

How many faces do you know? Psychology Today

You look familiar: humans recognise 5,000 faces, study says. MSN

Revealed: How many faces you can actually remember. Yahoo Australia

You look familiar: Humans recognize 5,000 faces, study says. Taipei Times

You look familiar: humans recognise 5,000 faces, study says. Talk Vietnam

The average person can recognize 5,000 faces. Smithsonian Magazine

Facial recognition: How many faces do we know? GotScience Magazine



Mileva & Burton
British Journal of Psychology, 2018

19 - 24 June 2018

Why smiling for a passport photo could prevent identity fraud. The Telegraph

Smiling in passport photos could help prevent identity fraud, study suggests. The Independent

Cheese! Why this study is encouraging people to smile for passport photos. The Independent Ireland

Passport photos: smile... and do your bit to stop ID fraud. The Sunday Times

Passports news: Smiling in your photograph could prevent your identity being 

Smiling passport photos could help keep identity fraudsters at bay, says report. The Yorkshire Post

Say cheese! Why a toothy smile makes it easier for you to be identified. Science Daily

How toothy smiles in photos may prevent identity fraud. The Hans India

Smiling in ID photos could help prevent identity theft or fraud.

Why a smiling passport picture would be easier to identify. iNews

Study: Say cheese! Why a toothy smile makes it easier for you to be identified. TdNews

Passport Checks: Interactions Between         22 November 2016

McCaffery & Burton                                            Bad news for passport control: face matching is harder than
Applied Cognitive Psychology, 2016                     we realised. BPS Digest

White, Kemp, Jenkins, Matheson  & Burton           Passport officers struggle to spot fake photo IDs. Time 
PLoS ONE, 2014                                                 Magazine
Passport officers no better than public at spotting fake ID.    Mail on Sunday

Thousands of people could be entering UK using fraudulent passports. Daily Record  

Passports should carry multiple photos, say researchers. The Telegraph

Passport officers no better than untrained amateurs at face recognition. The Independent

Call to change passports after research finds officers poor on photo ID. The Sydney Morning Herald

                                                                  Photo-ID security checks flawed. Homeland Security Newswire


Robertson, Kramer & Burton
PLoS ONE, 2015 

30 March - 1 April 2015

Storing average photo and improve smartphone face recognition. Business Standard 

Storing average photo can improve smartphone face recognition. News Hub

Smartphone face recognition improved by copying the brain. EurekAlert!

Researchers improve smartphone recognition by combining photos. Biometric Update

The Average Face of Dr Who                            24 December 2013

Doctor Who: Aberdeen researchers reveal 'average' face of time lord. BBC News

A Who's Who of Time Lords as image merges 12 faces of Doctor. The Times 

Face of ultimate Doctor Who revealed by Scottish university. The Scotsman

Doctor Who's 'real face' revealed by Aberdeen researchers. The Huffington Post

Scientists reveal the Time Lord's 'average face. Daily Mirror

Jenkins & Burton
Science, 2008

11 September 2007 - 28 January 2008

Computers can recognise Mr. Average. ABC Science

Face recognition technique aids security. The Guardian

Averaging faces could improve ID security. New Scientist

Face recognition software creates 'average' of individuals. The Telegraph

The Average Face of a Party Leader in 2015

5 May 2015

What the average face of a party leader looks like in 2015. 


Robertson, Noyes, Dowsett, Jenkins Burton
PLoS ONE, 2016

   29 February - 24 March 2016 

   Could super-recognisers be the latest weapon in the war on terror. The

   Proof that super-spotters really can find any face in a crowd. The 

   Met. Police Super-recognisers make 75% fewer mistakes...


13 December 2016 

The trouble with facial recognition technology (in the real world). The Conversation

25 November 2009 

Professor Mike Burton on face recognition. Sub City Radio