On Wednesday the 30th of November, a team of researchers from the department’s 
ERC FaceVar Lab ran an experiment/public engagement workshop on face recognition at the London Science Museum (LATE’s). 

David Robertson, Jet Sanders, Alice Towler, Robin Kramer, Josh Spowage and Ailish Byrne welcomed more than 100 members of the public to their event, ‘Face Recognition: Are you a super-recogniser?’.

Over the course of 2.5 hours (7pm-9:30pm), the team tested the public on computer based face recognition tasks and in a realistic ‘Passport Control’ setting. This was followed by a debriefing session in which the participants could compare their performance to real Metropolitan Police Super-recognisers.

Jet Sanders, a 2nd year PhD student and one of the project leaders, said, "This was a fantastic opportunity to take our science out of the lab and into society. We were delighted to be invited by the London Science Museum to create this workshop, and as a result of a strong team effort, the event proved to be a real success both scientifically and in terms of knowledge transfer". 

The London Science museum provided over £1000 towards the costs associated with putting the workshop on, and provided two volunteer staff members to help out during the event.

Josh Spowage, who studies on the MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience course, said, "I really enjoyed being part of this project as it involved real science and public engagement, I would definitely recommend being part of similar initiatives to other students in the department."

The BPS published a summary of a recent paper, by Dr. Jenny McCaffery and Mike, 
on the effects of data on face matching accuracy in a passport control context.

Jenny said, 
"These results were really unexpected. We knew that faces tend to attract people's 
attention, but we did not imagine that they would influence viewers' ability to check 
data to such a large extent. Even the most straight forward tasks can be more 
complex than we might expect.' 

Click here to access the publication, and click on the image below to read the
BPS Summary

On Saturday the 11th of June 2016, Dr. Robin Kramer, PhD student Mila Mileva and 
Dr. Alice Towler provided a fantastic demonstration of FaceVar research at Psych!York, as part of the York Festival of Ideas.

The highly successful event attracted over 350 members of the general public - well done Robin, Mila and Alice!

Our new post-doctoral researcher Dr. Alice Towler recently took part in the internationally renowned public engagement event FameLab at the Powerhouse Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences in Australia.

Dr. David Robertson had a public engagement article published by The Conversation.
The article outlines some of our recent work on Metropolitan Police Super-face-recognisers.
You can read the article by clicking on the image below.

On Sunday 8th March, Dr. Kay Ritchie and Eilidh Noyes took part in a public engagement 
event organised by ScienceGrrl to celebrate International Women's Day 2015

Click on the photo below to learn more, or click here for more on the 
event from an online blog

On Friday 26th September, our research group took part in the fantastic public engagement event EXPLORATHON 2014

Face Lab @ Explorathon


The team provided members of the public with insights into our current research using
fully interactive demonstrations

On the evening of Friday 26th September face lab PhD student Jenny McCaffery 
took part in the Bright Club Comedy Event

Bright Club mixes research with comedy to create an entertaining night of laughs,
music and new ideas. Jenny performed an 8 minute stand up routine using
her current research as her material.

On the evening of the 5th of November, Lab post-doc David Robertson gave a PechaKucha talk called FACE FACTS to a public audience at the Belmont Cinema in Aberdeen.